Drinking diet 30 days for weight loss

Most overweight people have a bloated stomach that contracts quickly after digestion and creates an even bigger appetite. I want to eat again, the stomach enlarges again and so after every meal the circle comes full circle and oh how difficult it is to get out. Even a badly bloated stomach is no reason to put a surgical scalpel under a knife. A 30-day high-alcohol diet is a great way to learn how to fill up with less food and lose up to ten pounds more due to stomach tightening.

What is a drinking diet?

This weight loss technique is a liquid nutritional system, but it's not the same as a water diet, water fasting regimen, or short term hydration. The one-month drinking diet is not an absolute taboo for solid foods, but includes the transfer of all permitted products into another form - liquid. Hence, the motto of the system is: drink everything that is drunk, but do not eat crumbs (more precisely, do not chew, because this system is complete excludes the inclusion of a chewing reflex that a person is naturally endowed with).


Features of adherence to a drinking diet

Drinking for 30 days is a powerful stimulant of the metabolism, since such a low calorie content in the daily diet (approx. 500 kcal) causes the body to break down fat cells as an energy source more quickly and to lose weight constantly. Basic principles of fluid technology:

  • In order not to significantly damage health and not to slow down the metabolism instead of speeding it up, you need to get into and out of the hydration system just as smoothly.
  • When you start losing weight on a drinking diet, replace dinner with fluids, then lunch and breakfast.
  • All diet drinks should be low in fat and sugar free.
  • The daily fluid intake is 1. 5 liters of liquid food plus 1. 5 liters of clean water.
  • The permissible amount of watery food should be intelligently divided into partial portions - only one glass of food at a time.
  • You can only practice the technique once a year.


If you strictly follow the rules of the fluid method, the result of weight loss will not be long in coming. What it will be for you personally cannot be foreseen by a single nutritionist, as it depends entirely on the individual characteristics of your body. If the hydration system is adhered to, 2 to 2. 5 kg of fat are usually consumed per week, so that 8 to 10 kg can be lost in a month. However, the result achieved must be well and reliably fixed so that the lost kilograms do not immediately return to your noticeably thinner, perhaps even very thin figure.


Contraindications to adhering to a drinking diet

The low calorie content of the daily liquid diet, due to which stomach size decreases and weight loss goes smoothly, is the main disadvantage. Food cannot be said to be balanced because not all foods can be converted into liquids, so the body may be lacking one group of nutrients and the other too much. This is the basis for contraindications to the 30-day passage of fluid engineering. You can't eat fluids only for humans:

  • pregnant and breastfeeding;
  • with kidney problems and prone to edema;
  • suffers from serious digestive tract disorders;
  • suffers from diseases of the thyroid gland, the cardiovascular system;
  • in a state of mental or physical exhaustion with a severely weakened immune system.

Menu for 30 days

This method of losing weight almost does not limit the list of products (for the exclusive benefit of the body, it is better to refuse coffee, alcoholic and carbonated drinks), only their consistency in your daily menu for a liquid diet that you onmust be based on the following list:

  • Meat and fish broths, vegetable broths.
  • Fruit compotes, berry fruit drinks, jelly.
  • All kinds of juices.
  • tea (black, green, hibiscus, made from herbs).
  • Milk, low-calorie fermented milk products (kefir, yoghurt, sourdough, fermented baking milk).
  • Liquid soups (meat, vegetables, milk).

Ending the drinking diet

how to get out of a drinking diet

In 30 days with drinks alone, the digestive tract "forgets" how to digest solid food, so the sudden transition from liquid to thick food can cause serious digestive problems. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences and at the same time to consolidate the achieved result, the 30-day withdrawal from the drinking diet should be as gentle as possible and calculated for 2 months. For the first week after completing the diet, add one solid product to each meal (oatmeal in water, egg, or vegetable salad), then gradually expand the diet to the normal range.


Drinking a diet for 30 days is considered to be the simplest, even most basic, in terms of culinary skills and exertion. Most approved diet foods can be easily purchased in the store or prepared in minutes, and making liquid soups shouldn't be too difficult either. Since this food system does not have a clear menu, everyone can have their own recipes based on the liquid method, depending on personal gastronomic preferences.

How not to stop a drinking diet

Mishaps often occur with such a severe dietary restriction, as many people find it difficult to overcome the desire to chew. To avoid interference you need:

  • you clearly motivate yourself to success;
  • If you really want something solid, you can chew any fruit or vegetable and then spit it out.
  • You might as well try chewing liquids.
  • , to satisfy the feeling of hunger with water;
  • keep yourself occupied with something interesting all the time to distract from thoughts about food.