Diet for the lazy

Girl eats vegetables on a lazy diet

Every organism is unique and has its own characteristics. For this reason, men and women are looking for different ways to lose weight that suit them both in terms of performance and taste. Some people prefer fasting days with rice and other products, short diets, while others want to lose weight with the help of long diet programs with a special diet that smoothly turns into proper nutrition.

If an effective result is important to you but there is no desire to radically rebuild your nutritional system, then a diet for the lazy is an excellent solution. Those who have already tried to correct their figure with it will notice really quick weight loss with little effort. But about everything in detail.

The essence and rules of the diet

Eating green salad if you are on a lazy diet

A person is 80% water, but it must be used constantly to avoid edema, dehydration, and metabolic disorders, which in turn lead to the accumulation of toxins, toxins, and other harmful waste products. The essence of this nutritional system lies precisely in the correct use of this essential product for the body.

The effectiveness of the diet is determined by the basic properties of the water. It is enough to use it in the prescribed amount at the right time to stop the constant feeling of hunger and the desire to eat something tasty, but very harmful. Such a simple scheme allows you to quickly rethink your attitude towards food, gradually reducing your daily calorie content, and thereby getting rid of a few hated kilograms.

The basic rules for successful weight loss using this technique:

  • Is it time to eat? Half an hour before a meal we drink 2 glasses of water at room temperature. It is important not to forget about this simple nuance and you will soon notice the result. The liquid fills the stomach and stops a person from eating - satiety comes much faster. By such a simple manipulation, you will forever forget what gluttony is.
  • After eating we wait two hours and drink another glass of liquid. Ideally if it's green tea. This time frame must be strictly adhered to in order not to disrupt the natural digestive process.

Just two simple rules - the result is surprising.

Reasons for effectiveness

Drink water if you are on a lazy diet

How does it work? How can pure water work such miracles? How can you lose 7 kilograms or get more significant results in a week? Everything is explained very simply:

  • During drinking, liquid fills the stomach cavity and leaves less room for the main meal. At the same time, water ensures an accelerated production of gastric juice, which in turn has an excellent effect on the digestive process in the future. As a result, the metabolism is accelerated and the food ingested is not converted into fat deposits.
  • Water is an accelerator of many processes, including burning fat.
  • The liquid washes all pollutants out of the body, so to speak, that have accumulated over a certain period of time, thus protecting against poisoning.
  • Restoring metabolism is the main task in proper weight loss. Water starts all metabolic processes, accelerates digestion and, accordingly, weight loss.

With a diet for the lazy, fat deposits in the most inopportune places don't stand a chance.


Lose weight with a lazy diet

Drinking water as the main ingredient that gives the results you want has a variety of benefits:

  • The calorie content of water goes to zero. Absolutely everyone can and should drink it - there are no contraindications to its use.
  • Renewal of all physiological fluids in the human body, normalization of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Develop good habits. By starting to drink water properly, you will train yourself to eat small portions without overeating, while ensuring constant satiety at the same time.
  • A gradual decrease in total daily calories. Unhealthy carbonated drinks with sweeteners, sweet coffee with cream are excluded from the diet. All that remains is water and green tea, the use of which does not cause any caloric load.
  • Happiness and a good mood. The lack of hunger stress is always a great mood and energy.
  • The minimum number of restrictions on basic food. Specific requirements only apply to the drinking regime. Incidentally, the standard rules for proper nutrition apply.


Like any other nutritional system, dieting for the lazy has some drawbacks, but these will depend on the person losing weight and how they are approached:

  • Disorders in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, possible problems with the kidneys, liver and bladder. If a person has a predisposition to the related ailments, it is recommended not to start losing weight this way.
  • Monotonous diet. The lack of variety in the preparation of the menu leads to insufficient absorption of certain nutrients in the body, vitamin deficiency.
  • Elimination of sodium and calcium from the body. Excessive fluid intake leads to these important substances being washed out of the bones, which can lead to various problems with the bone apparatus.

In order to avoid these and some other negative aspects, a rational approach to implementation is important. Do not try to lose as many pounds as you can right away. We act consistently in everything. And then there will be no problems.

Diet menu for lazy people minus 12 kg

Diet plan for lazy people

When preparing the menu for this weight loss program, it all depends only on the preferences of the weight loss person. To get really great results, avoid using harmful products entirely or severely limit their use. This applies to foods with fast carbohydrates. The rules for compiling a daily diet include the following:

  • For breakfast, it is ideal to eat dishes that are high in long, complex carbohydrates. It can be all kinds of buckwheat porridge, oatmeal, rice, as well as various casseroles.
  • The second breakfast or snack after the first should consist of fruits: oranges, grapefruits, apples, kiwi and bananas. One fruit is enough to fill your body with energy. At lunchtime we eat lean soups, for example cream soups with mushrooms, green borscht.
  • During an afternoon snack, experts recommend leaning on a variety of salads, you can even add a small amount of olive oil and salt.
  • Dinners are mainly protein foods that are perfectly absorbed by our body. You can choose any lean meat, poultry, boiled eggs, curd masses with honey or low-fat sour cream for the diet.
  • With this diet, you can eat bread, but not white flour. Nutritionists are allowed to eat rye and whole grain baked goods. It is also possible to add pasta to the menu, but only made from durum wheat.

Delicious recipes for every day on a diet for the lazy

In order for the diet to pass comfortably for the lazy and to show minus 12 kilograms on the scales, include tasty and healthy dishes in your menu. We have some interesting recipes that will help you diversify your diet.

Green soup


  • Veal - 400 grams.
  • Sorrel, spinach - 1 bunch each.
  • Chives with feathers.
  • Dill.
  • Young beet tops.
  • Low-fat sour cream - 50 grams.
  • Onion onions -1 piece.
  • Vegetable oil - 30 milliliters.
  • Tomato juice - 150 milliliters.
  • Lemon - ¼ piece.
  • Eggs - 2 pieces.
  • Spices and salt to taste.


  • Put the meat in a saucepan with water and send it to the fire to boil.
  • Finely chop the onion and fry in a saucepan.
  • We send sour cream, tomato juice to the pan and simmer for about 10 minutes.
  • Cut the boiled eggs into small cubes.
  • We throw all the chopped greens into the finished broth and cook for another five minutes. Add lightly to taste.
  • Fill the fry and cut eggs.
  • We wait for the soup to start boiling and cook for a couple of minutes.
  • Add bay leaves and spices, pour in the juice of a quarter of a lemon.
  • Cook over low heat for about five minutes and serve.
green soup for a lazy diet

Red fish in the oven


  • Fish fillet - 800 grams.
  • Lemon - 120 grams.
  • Onion - 1 piece.
  • Lavrushka - 2 pieces.
  • A mixture of aromatic peppers, salt to taste.
  • Vegetable fat.


  • We wash the fish and cut it into portions of about 200 grams.
  • We clean the onion and cut it into thin rings.
  • Half of the lemon is used for decorating and cut into circles, the second half is used to squeeze the juice.
  • We decorate the baking dish with foil. First we distribute the onions, then the peppers and bay leaves. Top with a lemon, cut into rings.
  • Rub the fish with salt and spices and place it on the prepared "pillow" with the skin facing up.
  • Pour lemon juice over it and let it bake for 18 minutes at a temperature of 210 degrees. Open the foil a few minutes before the end of cooking and give the dish a pleasant golden crust.
baked fish in foil for your favorite diet