Exercises to remove belly and flanks: flat stomach and slim waist at home

Every woman dreams of a slim figure with a flat stomach and wasp waist. Many attempts to make to reach his ideal, but soon get frustrated due to the fact that the action is not. Belly and flanks is really problematic place in these areas of the fat quickly appears, but only very slowly comes. To get rid of the hated sediments, you need to exercise regularly and eat right. This is important because abdominal fat is just ugly, but also dangerous for the health. Consider what kind of exercise you can do, and at home, help in weight loss and for the fight against fatty deposits in the abdomen and flanks.


Can I to remove the fat only with certain locations of the body

To lose weight are often interested in the question, what exercises or types of exercises you can do at home to get rid of belly fat and the sides. However, they are not available, as body fat go over the whole body more or less evenly, but not to a specific place. Do not twist, Massage, miracle creams or straps to help remove the fat in a particular area. This can be done only by liposuction, but if you eat right, then the layer of fat quickly. Local slimming – this is the biggest fallacy of the modern man.

For example, if a Person has to be a twist that leads to the press, not the fact that the fat is gone from this part of the body. Fat is a triglyceride, in the body is split into fatty acids and glycerol, then they come into the blood and provides energy. However, the blood does not flow all over the body, so that it will work to circulate on a page. To lose therefore, if you have decided weight in the abdomen and flanks, then be prepared that the fat is burning, first to other areas, and only in the right place.

However, apart from the fact that the method how to not lose weight on the belly and the sides for a week at home or in the gym, there is good news. The Stimulation of certain muscles (in this particular case, the press) helps to tighten the abdomen. And by such loads can significantly improve the aesthetics of the body. On the one hand, such results are visible, on the other hand, incentives for the General emaciation of the body, in the course of gradually the layer of fat melts with the peritoneum and to the side.

To lose if really fat at home

It is possible to lose weight at home the main thing– to be patient, set up an action plan and not of him to avert. The most important rule that everyone must remember to reduce decrease calorie intake. There are two options: eat less or eat right and physical exercise. According to many experts, that the second Option is more relevant. The order of the weight loss various parts of the body depends on the characteristics of the organism: in the case of some of the fat rolls evenly, in other – first of all, the weight of the upper part lose and the third is the lower. So, if you narrow down a taut stomach and waist, then you choose the exercises correctly, you can make a diet, exercise regularly. Even if, initially, slimmed down chest of drawers, don't worry, continue training, and soon, positive changes occur with your waist.


Can I remove with any means too much in a short period of time

As already mentioned, for a quick weight loss diet needs to be adjusted. It's not about a strict diet, but balanced diet. A menu, set the correct diet nutritionist will help. To lose weight you should avoid Stress. If a Person is in a bad mood, in his body produces Cortisol (stress hormone), which promotes the accumulation of fat cells in the waist. Also you should avoid alcohol and sweet soda, the body fat increase. People who want to reduce abdominal circumference, you should remember that the result to 80%, depending on the right diet, and 20% – of the physical load. If a Person drives rare Sport, and then immediately to a lot of food, then the effect is not. Just like any diet no results without regular workouts.

A thin waist, you can get by exercises with the weight of his body. You can dispose of the movements with weights, you will help the muscles to increase, thereby increasing the circumference of the abdomen visually. You have to train systematically, but with small breaks. To achieve the desired effect, you need to alternate exercises to remove belly and flanks, with a heart. This combination accelerates the burning of fat and strengthens the heart muscle. In order to lose weight and tone body, hanging remove belly, go 2-3 times per week, in order to accelerate the result, you will spend 4-5 times the workout in 7 days. For a classroom of 4-5 exercises that you need to run to pick up one after the other in 3 passes of 25 to 30 times. So you accelerate activates the burning of fat, you need to the exercises are constantly changing, according to new options.

To remove complex, subcutaneous fat

For weight loss and burning belly fat with exercises:

  • exercises with the hula-Hoop. During the rotation increases the Tonus of the muscles, accelerates blood circulation, the metabolism, as a result, the fats are burned faster. In addition, hula-Hoop eliminates Cellulite on Zone work. There are dynamic exercises with a hula-Hoop;
  • Twisting on a press effect, when a Person consumes a healthy diet. Otherwise, the waist circumference increase as a result of building muscle and the fat remains in place. In order to achieve the desired effect, lift the housing by 45° from the surface, not higher. You fly up the climbs through the tension of the abdominal muscles, lift the upper body on the exhale only. You practice until you feel a slight burning sensation, and then stop in order to avoid the increase of the muscle on the circumference of the abdomen;
  • Sports
  • exercise program for belly and waist. The level of their complexity is different, it is recommended to come up with simple movements, gradually on to the heavier;
  • Weight loss program with Expander. It trains several muscle groups, the belly allows you to strengthen the muscles of the back, the buttocks, the legs, the spine is not subjected to heavy load.

There is a complex for the lazy, it consists of a simple exercises. Such movements accelerate the fat burning, but this process is a little slower than the active class. Keep in mind that it is not important what, but how often and intensely you do the exercises, in order to quickly remove excess.

The most effective Workouts to remove the excess

Exercises with the hula-Hoop will help lose weight quickly, namely at the waist. You better start with normal Spins. Exercises with the hula-Hoop:

  1. Stand up, close the legs, the hands in the neck. Gently rotate the tire with a small Amplitude. First, turn to the right and then to the left 88 times. During exhalation the breath for 2 seconds, tighten the abdominal muscles.
  2. Get up a little, legs spread, hands behind the head. Turn the hula-Hoop in a clockwise direction, after a few revolutions slowly rotated for Zürn. The number of repetitions – 10 times in different directions.
  3. The legs and only then, can you stand on your toes and close the hands about the head. Rotate the tires for 10 minutes. It is a serious movement, the better for the simpler.
  4. Legs together, press the hands in the neck. Turn the wheels to the right and then to the left after 5 minutes. You always move only the pelvis.
Group lessons

Lead to work out to lose the muscles of the press, and weight faster, the rhythmic exercises. Program for losing weight belly:

  1. Take a horizontal Position, place the hands on the back of the head. Lift the housing and at the same time you pull the king's meadow to the chest (belly pulled in). Then the Bottom of the left leg, pull the right elbow. Then repeat for the other leg.
  2. Roll over on the left side, bend the legs, rotate your torso a little to the right. You pull your hands to the feet of the king's meadow and shoulder blades to pull. Soft services for a Minute. Then repeat on the right side.
  3. Take a horizontal Position, bend the meadow of the King. On the exhale, lift the pelvis and stretch the belly. Fix for 30 seconds, and then go.
  4. You lay on your back, pulling the king's meadow to the upper body, the hands to the sides apart. Lift the pelvis, and a little larger to the right, the king's meadow pressed together. Then repeat for the left side.
  5. You take the horizontal Position, bend the legs. Then you extend the Bottom to the right, and the hands to the left. Repeat for the left side.

It is recommended that all exercises 20 times.

You complete the Training you can in classes with Expander. Such movements through the various muscle groups, the press and unloading the spine. The training program with the application of expander:

  1. Lie down, legs secure in the expander, attack is in the grip. Raise your legs at an angle of 90°, while a grip training device for the abdominal. Lower your legs, but not completely, but at a distance of 5 cm from the ground.
  2. You implement, stretch your legs, grasp the handle, smoothly you lean back, the head to the floor, touched.
  3. During the exhalation lift the torso, bend the legs to move him always to get the grip training device.
exercises for men

It is an effective complex help along with a diet to remove fat belly and flanks.

Lightweight and easy-to-lazy

There is a special plant for people who don't want to spend a lot of time to lose and weight. Exercises, with which you can gradually remove the excess, for the lazy:

  1. Get smooth, back and legs. Alternately lift the legs to the king's meadow just below the waist.
  2. Take a horizontal Position, the arms to the body, alternately pulling the king's meadow to the chest of drawers.
  3. You lay back, lift the legs to 20-30 cm, and pull them like a pair of scissors.
  4. You take the horizontal Position, the hands behind the head, lift the feet, bend, lift the shoulders and shoulder blades. You start to heated seats in the front pumped and then back to me.
  5. Get up, king meadow bent, the hands: after you've heated seats in the front at chest height. Slowly, you turn to the left, then to the right.
  6. While inhaling, stretch the belly, soft services on 30 seconds, then exhale and relax.

The duration of the execution of each exercise – 15 to 30 seconds. Later, their duration can be increased.

Other ways fat burning stimulate activated

Mens exercises

Methods of exercise to remove belly and flanks are different, but they all need to rhythmic. Because fat is burned faster than in the case of the accelerated work of the heart. Just for such cases, the body the fat is supplied tissue. During the execution of the exercises at a fast pace, the fat accelerated combustion. Burning fat, activities speed up the heart beat and keep it for a long time. To include such exercises, running, swimming, Training on Cardio equipment, jump rope. You can remove any suitable method or switch. In order to faster decrease in the area of the abdomen and flanks, you can fat burner. These special additives to speed up the contain caffeine, synephrine, yohimbine, etc. take it before the workout fat combustion. The gentle and effective of the fat burners for women L-carnitine. You should not hope to very fast results, be patient, exercise regularly and eat right. In the selection of the most suitable series of exercises to get rid of excess fat, it is better to see a specialist.

The main results

Lose weight only on the belly or flanks do not work, because the body burns fat evenly throughout the body. Faster a slim, smart waist, rotate the hula-Hoop, exercise for the abdominal muscles, Cardio to spend. And the best: you can combine a series of exercises with running, Cycling, swimming, aerobics, etc. How to make many of the exercises to perform them at home or in the hall, you decide for yourself with the desired result (to lose weight, tighten the press, to stay in shape). But all your efforts will be useless if you reduce the calorie intake and you back on the right balanced diet. In order to speed up the process of fat combustion, you can special additives.