Maggi diet menu for every day for 4 weeks

There is a delicious and varied diet that you can live on all your life. Not only will it enable you to regain your slimness in four weeks, but it will also make you healthier and younger. We offer the Maggi Diet - a menu for every day.

Features of the Maggi diet

This method of achieving harmony is not based on reducing calories. You will be consuming enough calories without sacrificing fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products. And even bread! The mechanism of action of such a diet is that the body receives all the necessary nutrients, while at the same time triggering the mechanism of those chemical reactions that accelerate the metabolism, get rid of toxins and restore all the disturbed processes in the body.

Weight loss foods in the Maggi diet

Eating means a lot for health, mood and longevity.

Exactly the right combination of foods, like the Maggi Diet, was designed for Britain's Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Hence the name - Maggi, probably.

How many pounds of excess weight can you lose?

In 4 weeks, you can get rid of 10-25 kilograms. Proven in practice by many people. But you shouldn't hurry. In addition, the body will return to normal and the person will lose as many kilograms as they need for health. Our body is unique and perfect by nature, it is able to get rid of diseases and extra pounds without taking pills. But there is only one thing we need to help him - to listen to his pleas and to moderate his gluttony. Hence the diet, i. e. the nutritional discipline that we have lost in the pursuit of enjoyment.

Woman happy to lose weight with Maggi diet

Eating should be pleasant and useful. By following Maggi Dietary Rules, you will learn to enjoy the foods every body needs. If you lose kilograms, you will not lose health as you will not have to give up carbohydrates or proteins.

Nutritional rules for a diet

If you want to achieve the expected result, and not for a short time, but for a lifetime, you should adhere to the rules on all points. And that means that there is only what the diet prescribes, not to replace one product with another, to eat at the same time, not to overeat 3 hours before bedtime. And drink two liters of water a day.

On the plus side, you can eat after 6pm if you go to bed after 9pm. Your figure will not suffer. Another nice plus is that you can choose the menu yourself according to your preferences. However, the focus will be on proteins: eggs, cottage cheese, no fatty meat. Another undeniable plus: Anyone can afford a diet.

It is worth mentioning all the advantages of this food:

  • no need to count calories;
  • all products are simple;
  • Coffee and tea are not limited;
  • there are no restrictions on product selection.

Maggi allows you to eat enough fruits and vegetables, as well as bread. You can make toast for breakfast, why not. In general, maggi is divided into two types: egg and curd. You need to eat three times a day, snacks are possible. You can alternate the quark variant with eating eggs.

Recommended and prohibited foods

On a diet like the Maggi diet, anything that stimulates the metabolism can be eaten.

These include:

  • Apples, grapefruit;
  • Cinnamon, curry;
  • Turkey meat, chicken, eggs;
  • Broccoli, beans, peppers;
  • Soy milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, kefir, fermented baking milk;
  • green tea, coffee;
  • Oatmeal, almonds.
Fruit for the Maggi Diet

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of such products. You can also add common white cabbage, spinach leaves, lettuce, beets, plums, and much more.

But what foods should be excluded for at least a month:

  • Grapes, dried fruits, dates, avocados, mangoes, figs, bananas;
  • meat with a layer of fat, chicken skin, lard, butter of any kind;
  • Potatoes, rice, corn, canned food;
  • Sausages;
  • hot spices;
  • Sweets including honey, jam, marshmallows, chocolate, sweetened products;
  • Alcohol.

Remember that all sweeteners are the enemy of the figure.

Maggi egg diet: a detailed meal plan for 4 weeks

It should be said right away that eggs do not increase blood cholesterol. Excess cholesterol is eliminated by itself and is only delayed if there is vascular inflammation. Eggs are not harmful to healthy people, they are a store of vitamins and minerals. So the menu is for 4 weeks.

In the first 7 days you have to adapt to the change in diet:

  • half an orange or grapefruit and one or two hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs for breakfast;
  • for lunch: any fruit (the allowed) or boiled chicken, turkey and tomato or 9% fat cottage cheese plus a tomato, a piece of cheese, two loaves of bread;
  • Dinner: a cooked piece of pork, skinless chicken, turkey or beef, with lettuce or tomato, cucumber or vegetable salad, two loaves of bread, two boiled eggs.

For the second week:

  • the same for breakfast;
  • for lunch and dinner - the same, but you can add lean fish.

The third week is shocking. Diet change:

  • Any amount of any fruit is allowed on Monday;
  • on Tuesday: all permitted vegetables, cooked, steamed or raw;
  • Wednesday: any fruit or vegetable, but not in one meal;
  • on Thursday: boiled or steamed fish and boiled vegetables or salad;
  • on Friday: any amount of lean meat and vegetables;
  • on Saturday and Sunday: all the fruits of what is permitted as much as your heart desires.

The last 7 days are interesting. During the day you need to eat four slices of chicken, beef or fish, a slice of cheese (100 gr. ), 1 orange or grapefruit, 4 cucumbers, 3 tomatoes, 1 toast. All of this has to be spread over the day. Drink without restrictions.

Maggi Quark Diet for 4 weeks

The cottage cheese version of the diet is not far from the egg diet. The only difference is that instead of eggs, you need to eat low-fat cottage cheese of 150-200 g. at once. The first and second weeks include a boring breakfast with half fruits and cottage cheese. But you can take turns having eggs for breakfast. For example, two breakfasts of fruit and eggs and two of fruit and cottage cheese can be on the menu for 4 weeks.

Cottage cheese for the Maggi diet

By the way, the quark diet is not suitable for those who have increased stomach acid.

Cooking recipes

We would like to remind you that foods according to the Maggi system do not include fried foods, nor the use of meat and even vegetable broths.

Cooking should be easier.

For example the Red Trio Salad:

Salad for the Maggi diet

A large red pepper needs to be baked, then peeled and cut into squares. Cut the red onion into rings, cut 20 cherry tomatoes in half. Mix everything with a handful of red pomegranate, a touch of ground black pepper, wine vinegar or juice of lemon, parsley and coriander.

Fish steak for the Maggi diet

"Spicy salmon" is steamed. Pour two steaks with a teaspoon of lemon juice and marinate them in two tablespoons of soy sauce. Then put in a water bath for only 2 minutes. If you don't have a steamer, you can put the fish in a pan without oil and add a little water. You can shoot for two minutes. This fish goes well with baked vegetables.

Exercise with the Maggi diet

No diet can be effective without physical activity. You need to do the simplest of exercises, starting with bending and twisting the head and neck, then shoulders, arms, lower back, legs. Separately, you can do exercises for the press, since the stomach will decrease with a diet. And so that the skin does not hang, it is better to tighten it.

Even if you don't have time or have other problems, you should go for a walk for at least half an hour, but every day.

Swimming is a great alternative: 20-30 minutes a day.

And in a month, your figure will be the one you have dreamed of. And eating habits will change and become more expensive, more pleasant. The need for a healthy diet becomes the norm, not a compulsion.