motivation to lose weight

The desire to be thin does not bring either women or men to the ultimate goal. Many say they just don't have the motivation to lose weight and that their loved ones accept them as such. Others just don't know where they should get this motivation from and how they can psychologically force themselves to lose weight. In the article we will analyze the main motivational options that will help keep weight normal.

Photo of a slim girl as a motivation to lose weight

Motivational techniques in the initial phase

The hardest thing for an overweight person is to start losing weight. The motivation to lose weight will always be lacking if a person does not want it. You should not look to someone else for an incentive to lose weight, but first understand yourself and understand what it is good for.

The simple desire to "lose weight by summer" ends in failure for most people who lose weight. The diet lasts for several weeks, followed by severe and prolonged binge eating that only makes the situation worse. In fact, the motivation for training andSport that allows you to develop willpower to lose weight, in a deeper sense.

There are several options for strong motivation to lose weight that are worth exploring:

  • I will be able to wear beautiful clothes and attract the attention of others;
  • I will have no more health problems;
  • I will be able to give birth to a healthy child;
  • I won't be shy at the beach;
  • I'm getting younger;
  • Get rid of the problem of overeating easily;
  • My relatives and loved ones will not be ashamed of me.

The incentive to lose weight must be specific, clearly articulated and understood. Only with a personal desire to completely turn into pride in oneself and envy of enemies, one can achieve the desired results and remove the stigma of a fat person from himself.

Effective motivation to lose weight

Many overweight people lack the incentive to lose weight. First of all, it is important to want drastic changes and only after that gradually approach the plan. If a person is constantly dissatisfied with himself, wants to lose weight, but there is no willpower and incentive, then it is worth finding him. We will analyze effective weight loss motivation options that will help overweight people to believe in themselves.


Many do not know how to motivate themselves to lose weight, what to do in order not to lose weight again in 1-2 weeks. First of all, it is important to plan everything correctly, because it is not enough to have an incentive to lose weight in the form of the words "I want", it is worth approaching the process more globally.

Creating weight loss plans is the first step to pay attention to. To do this, it is desirable to create a clear plan of action for yourself, which includes:

  • change eating habits;
  • The optimal activity and training program;
  • display motivational programs or photos;
  • Presentation of your final result.

The planning is logical, with an appropriate assessment of one's own abilities and strengths. It is best to set a goal of losing 3-8 kg in a month by changing your diet, reducing calories and exercising 2-3 times a week. The first month will be the most difficult, but after losing weight will notice minimal results and changes in the figure, the motivation will come by itself and will force you to fight for your beauty and harmony with greater intensity.


It is also important to use self-persuasion to motivate yourself to lose weight. If a person who is losing weight cannot love himself, cannot be confident in his strengths and abilities, losing weight will be extremely difficult. It is important to say to yourself every day, every morning when you wake up that extra pounds will quickly disappear if you exercise regularly, eat right and forget about sweets. The main thing is to believe in yourself, to inspire yourself with a good result, which will certainly be achieved over time.

performance diary

In order to understand what changes occur in the body for a week or a month, it is necessary to control them. There is a so-called performance diary for this, in which volume and weight are recorded.

The diary is kept from day one, entering the first indicators of volume and body weight. Then every Sunday at the end of the work week, weigh and measure the volumes again, write them in a separate column and compare the results. Nothing motivates a person like seeing personal results and positive changes in your character. Especially keeping a diary is shown to those losing weight, whose weight exceeds 20-30 kg overweight. In this case, the result is judged only by the decrease in volume when measuring and the decrease in weight when weighing. A visual vision of yourself in the mirror at first may not speak in favor of change and suppresses the spirit of losing weight.

These methods of motivation allow you to achieve a good result much faster, visually monitor your changes and take on new forms every week. This is the greatest motivation and incentive to lose weight.

Motivation for fast weight loss

A beautiful body is not only an object of admiration, but also of human health. If losing weight is extremely difficult, a person constantly stops halfway, eating up his problems and sorrows with kilograms of sweet and fat, then you should familiarize yourself with the main ways of motivating yourself to achieve rapid weight loss.

  • strengthen health. Health is the most important thing for everyone, which is why it comes first when it comes to motivating people to lose weight quickly. If there are problems with the work of the heart or respiratory system, there is a risk that a person will develop serious diseases that require long-term treatment. Faced with such a situation, many are ready to eat and exercise in order to lose extra pounds and establish all the necessary processes in the body.
  • increase in self-esteem. Some overweight people have extremely low self-esteem, which does not allow them to feel safe in society and defend their rights. When there are many beautiful and slim girls, you want to look exactly the same, have beautiful and slim legs and a tight butt, which only increases self-esteem and does not question actions.
  • Blog about weight loss. If there is no motivation and it is not possible to force yourself to get a good result, you can start blogging, starting with the smallest thing - activities at home. There will definitely be many like-minded people who support us and afterwards - motivated by the result. A block is a certain duty and responsibility to the people who look at it and observe it, which is why no one here will give up halfway.
  • reward and punishment system. Diet and sports - this does not mean for life and in a strict regime. Give yourself days off from everything so you can enjoy delicious cookies, a small piece of cake, or just watch TV and take a break from the hallway. However, there is one main rule: such indulgences should be carried out no more than once every 2-3 weeks, otherwise there will simply be no shifts in losing weight.

With these tips, you can quickly lose extra pounds and responsibly approach the process of losing weight. It is very important to set a goal, be motivated by a good result, look at photos that motivate you to lose weight, and successfully achieve results.

Strong motivation to lose weight

Many people who were overweight in the past had slim and beautiful shapes, which over time turned into a big piece of fat. If there is no motivation and no photos of beautiful athletes to motivate you, you have to approach the process from the hard side. This motivation includes the following:

  • You have to take your old clothes that are a few sizes smaller than the current ones and try to put them on yourself. When a person discovers that jeans or a skirt are worn no higher than the knee length, a person feels utter disgust with himself or is motivated to rectify this situation as soon as possible. Such hard-hitting motivation is only suitable for strong personalities who have set their performance rolling under certain circumstances. People with weak psychology should not use this method, as it can break them even more and delay the process of losing weight for another long time.
  • For hard weight loss motivation you can still fall in love. When a person has "butterflies" inside, he is inspired by his loved one and is ready for any experiments with his body and internal state. Love is a powerful motivator that allows you to treat your body more carefully, strictly andto try to achieve a good result in losing weight by any means.

Practice has shown that it is precisely such hard-hitting methods of losing weight that are more and more effective, because they do not have time to think, they force you to act here and now.

Motivational tips from psychologists

How do you find motivation to lose weight? Psychologists say that all motivation is inherent in the subconscious, and if it is not excited, it will be extremely difficult to achieve the desired effect. There are basic tips from psychologists that will allow you to see the motivation and with their help to start effective weight loss until the desired result is achieved. The motivation rules are as follows:

  • You need to set reasonable goals. If there are 5-10 or more extra pounds, getting rid of them in a week or a month will be extremely difficult, and in some cases completely impossible. You do not need to set yourself such a goal, but if you do not achieve it, you will get psychological trauma and again face overload. It is important to set realistic goals and understand that the body is a complex mechanism and if you can lose 3-4 kg in the first week, the next week there may be no weight loss at all, and this is itcase a normal process.
  • Make the workout enjoyable. Even if sports are held at home, you must try to make them beautiful and stylish. To do this, it is important to buy a beautiful and comfortable uniform for classes, which you will like yourself. Don't practice in your house clothes, even worse, in your pyjamas! This is doomed to fail immediately. When you have a nice and comfortable suit available, you want to put it on as soon as possible and start exercising while watching your reflection in the mirror. It only increases the desire to exercise.
  • Celebrate your weight loss successes! No, we are not talking about the fact that after the lost kilograms you can safely buy a cake and eat it. The thing is very different. When a person loses extra pounds, he loses volume, respectively, needs a new wardrobe. After each global weight loss result, you need to buy yourself nice clothes that will motivate you even more for your next purchases. You can celebrate your victories in losing weight in any way you like, for example, a long-awaited massage, manicure, solarium, etc.
  • You don't have to exert yourself unnecessarily and scold for every extra kilogram. You must have a positive psychological attitude to training, which will allow you to engage in more active, beneficial and only get pleasure from it.

Psychologists say that following a diet, exercise and other means of losing weight is a very serious step for an overweight person, so it is important to mentally prepare for it in advance. Only with such an attitude you can not break out of training and not allow yourself to eat a plate of Olivier or any other salad with mayonnaise for the holiday. First you need to understand yourself and prepare well. Physically, the body is always ready for stress and weight loss, but 90% depends on the psyche of an overweight person.

Motivation to lose weight in pictures

Today, many people who lose weight get a load of motivation from beautiful pictures of slim girls with toned shapes, clear skin and a healthy appearance. If the motivation is not enough, then you need to find a beautiful audience with slim bodies on the social network or watch a specific person who also had problems with being overweight in the past. It's the results of others that are more motivating and make you care more about your appearance.