Keto diet for beginners – what to eat and what to avoid

Ketogenic or Keto diet is a special diet plan is based on the consumption of a minimum number of active intake of carbohydrates and fats. The main advantage is the fast and effective elimination of excess weight. The positive effect of Keto diet on your figure and your health, say more than 50 research carried out. Ketogenic diet prescribed by doctors more and more frequently. More about the Keto diet for beginners read below.

Keto diet for beginners

1. What is Keto diet and its effects on the body

What is the meaning of the prefix "Keto"? The prefix "Keto" points out that the body in a certain way of eating begins with the production of a particular molecule "ketones" as an Alternative source of energy, while the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood is reduced.

Ketone bodies are produced with a low consumption of carbohydrates that are converted quickly into glucose) and protein (a surplus is converted into sugar).

The liver produces ketones from fat. These substances are a source of energy for the whole body and brain.

In fact, the human brain is "hungry" institution that is consumed in the course of the day, a lot of energy. He can't metabolize directly fat and runs on glucose... or ketones.

During the ketogenic diet, the body is forced to use the energy from fat, burn-in mode non-stop. If the insulin level drops significantly, fat burning, workout accelerated deferred reserves. This is the best Option is safe to lose weight. In addition to effective take it other advantages. The most important – no feeling of hunger, the preservation of a good response, muscle strength, and high concentration.

When the body begins the production of ketone is body, he is in a special state of ketosis. The fastest way to achieve this state of fasting, but the fasting is forever impossible.

Keto diet leads to the body in a state of ketosis with no restriction on the amount of food. It has the same advantages as the fasting, but fasting is not required.

Disclaimer: the Ketogenic diet has proven health benefits, but there is also the opposite view. Main potential threat is the ingestion of various drugs, for example drugs against Diabetes, the dosage must be adjusted in compliance with the Keto diet. Discuss changes in medication and life style with the treating doctor.
This guide is for people with health problems such as obesity, overweight, and skin problems, for those, you receive the benefit of the ketogenic diet.

2. Start Keto diet and what to enable in the menu

In the following, food, approved during the ketogenic diet. The number reflects the number of pure digestible carbohydrates on 100 G of the product. To keep in mind for maintaining the state of ketosis the lowest values.

Start Keto diet and what to enable in the menu

Avoid the consumption of carbohydrates in large quantities. You should restrict your consumption (in pure Form) up to 50 G per day, and ideally – up to 20 g. The less in the diet, the faster the state of ketosis is achieved, avoiding the development of Diabetes (the second type).

Compliance with this menus and recipes that you can easily reach the ketosis and without tedious calculations.

Eliminate every thing from the food

Eliminate foods that converted to sugar and starch (bread, Pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.), in the process of Assimilation by the body into carbohydrates.

The numbers on the picture will give their number to 100 G of the product (unless otherwise specified, proportion).

Avoid foods that have been processed (thermal, etc.), except for the dishes from the list of approved on-Keto-diet.

Foods allowed on Keto diet should be rich in fat and contain a little Protein. Excess Protein in the body into blood sugar (glucose). Avoid tables, the usual diet or low-fat products. In the sources of energy for the body the following ratio: 5% from carbohydrates (and the smaller, the better), 15 – 20% from Protein, and the remaining 75% made up of fats (lipids) must.

What to drink?

What to drink on Keto diet

What to drink while on a Keto diet? Water is the best option, but tea or coffee is not forbidden. Just have to do without, sweeteners (especially sugar). In tea or coffee, you can add the cream or milk (but be careful with Latte!). In regular intervals, you can have a Drink and a glass of wine.

How to restrict carbs on Keto diet?

In principle, the less you consume, the faster and more effective to lose weight, the feeling of Hunger disappears, and the symptoms disappear of type 2 Diabetes mellitus. Keto diet involves strict restriction in the diet. The perfect indicator is not more than 20 G of pure carbs per day. If you are not satisfied with your figure and your health, you can get a little daily rate of consumption increase (if you want it).

We recommend that at the beginning of the Keto diet, and not against the basic rules.