How to lose weight per month to 15 kg at home

Sometimes those who lose weight put global goals: not 2-3 kg., and every 15. And get rid of this "Ballast" want as quickly as possible. The new Form allows not only a dream body, but also the confidence and also get rid of Heap complex. So many start to think, how to lose weight per month to 15 kg without dieting. It is a pretty impressive result, so many habits need to change.

General Recommendations

The English diet

Before removing, you must in his diet. You have no time to lose"", and therefore need to change from the first day:

  1. No starving! You can't agree that there are several fast days on the water, but go hungry every 30 days, in any case, it is necessary.
  2. The complete lack of sweets. This condition must be adhered to not only during the diet but also afterwards, when a new weight want to keep. If, however, pulls on chocolate and sweets, swap your dried fruit and fruit.
  3. The attention to the drinking regime. Water contributes to the normalization of metabolism, removal of toxins and waste products. Per day drinking 8-10 glasses of water is recommended.
  4. You Eat Protein. By eating a lot of protein, you lose weight through fat and not muscle. Animal you can protein from meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, vegetables, beans and nuts.
  5. You limit your consumption of fats. To achieve its objectives need to eat 25 grams of fat per day. Try to get useful products: fish, Avocado, egg yolk, olive oil.
  6. You waive all recycled products. Various simple dishes, dumplings, Chips, hamburgers, carry no values.
  7. To make you will try a diet, around 70-75% made of raw vegetables and fruit.
  8. They dispense with salt. Listen to salted food, and a month you will lose about 3-4 kg.
  9. Serving size per meal should be not more than 300 G eat every 2,5-3. It helps to focus not on counting calories.

Protein Diet

To often such a System, Power athletes before a competition. The strict observance of all the recommendations, you can lose weight per month to 15 kg at home. The Intensive weight loss have to go in the first week, then pounds a bit slower, but stable. By Protein and is used in the diet while the diet of the muscle tone and weight back then. So, what can you eat?

  • animal protein is the basis of the diet, it is from the chicken breast and low-fat varieties of fish can;
  • Vegetables, except potatoes;
  • Fruit, except bananas;
  • you drink of ordinary water, non-carbonated mineral water, green tea, black coffee without sugar in the morning.

Daily calories should not exceed 700-800 kcal, the lion's share — just protein food. During the diet, you can continue to easily on the exercise, since all of the symptoms will be the weakness to a minimum.

The English diet

This diet is based on a reduction of the amount of calories, and the change of Handling, fruit and vegetable and Protein days. It is good because during the diet the body the necessary vitamins gets, but does not give it, neither meat, nor fruit, nor vegetables.

So, the diet begins with two days of fasting on dairy product: cottage cheese, yogurt, Kefir found. It is better to be a product in the course of the day. But if you want some variety, you can combine, for example, eat 250 grams of cottage cheese and 800 ml of yogurt a day.

The following two days — the fruit and vegetables. You are able to vegetables there are fresh and stewed, fresh fruit, a small amount of crusty bread, honey and olive oil. Water and herbal teas can be drunk in any quantities.

Sample Menu Fruit-And-Vegetable-Tag:

  • Breakfast: Cup Of Tea, 2 Bulbs;
  • Lunch: 200 G steamed cabbage, slice of crusty bread, herbal tea with a teaspoon of honey;
  • Snack: Grapefruit;
  • Dinner (not later, 18-19 PM): salad of beets, carrots and herbs, green tea with lemon and honey.

Then you need to two days of the Protein diet. The diet should consist of low-fat varieties meat (veal, beef, poultry), fish, boiled eggs, low-fat hard cheese, wheat, small amounts of crusty bread.

Protein day to lose weight

Menu of Protein a day

  • Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs or 3 egg whites, a slice of bread, black coffee without sugar;
  • Lunch: 100-150 G of boiled veal, green tea;
  • Dinner: Sandwich with cream cheese, herbal tea with a spoonful of honey.

After the Protein diet, you go back to two days and unloading milk products, and so on. You have a total of 5 stages over 6 days. If you notice that you feel a sense of Hunger during the diet, you increase the number of meals and reduce the portions.

Physical Activity

Get rid of 15 kg in a short period of time without physical activity is almost impossible. Often rapid weight loss accompanied by loss of Tonus of the skin, sagging muscles, and the formation of stretch marks. To avoid this, you should in the program of motion decrease.

For the exercises, you can select whenever you want to. You start with a small warm-up to the body to Wake up. Then you go to the strength training loads (20-30 minutes). The following 15-20 minutes you spend in an easy and active movement: dance, make a barrel, rope grab, step aerobics or jump with the spring. In the end, you make some stretching exercises. End the lesson with a cold shower.

If you can't afford active exercise due to obesity or other health problems there are. You start with walks in the fresh air. By the time they try to increase the speed and duration of walk. Swimming promotes weight loss, so you can in the Pool.

Help the organism

Often in a certain stage of decline, after the loss of 6-7 kg, the weight of "stands", and the pointer on the scale starts to move down so fast. Different fat burning supplements to help the body get the Ball rolling. But they should not be abused.

Show you to get rid of the excess fluid and swelling help diuretics and natural diuretics. Include natural diuretic celery, cucumber, ginger, parsley, cabbage, green tea, etc., cranberries,

Such a rapid weight loss can negatively affect the condition of the hair, nails and skin Intake of Vitamin-complex help to prevent the occurrence of these problems. And a easy to lose weight turned serious consequences, be sure to listen to your body.