Effective exercises for losing stomach weight at home - strive for the ideal

Girls with excess belly fat

If you are running out of time for a gym, try abdominal slimming exercises at home. Simple but effective movements developed by experts will help tidy up the figure.

Fat deposits in the stomach

How long it will take?

Let's finally stop deceiving ourselves and believing in miraculous stories of rapid weight loss with the help of two or three magical exercises (pills, herbs, etc. ). It is not that easy to part with the fat that has accumulated over the years. In addition, the stomach is a problem area, and this is where the most difficult area to remove excess is.

Even if your stomach is just beginning to sag, it will take at least a few months for the muscles to tighten. To get very weak muscles in perfect order, you need to work hard for at least six months.

However, you shouldn't torment yourself with exercise until you are completely exhausted. If only because it may not have the best effect on your wellbeing. It is enough to practice regularly for 30-40 minutes a day. We reserve the right to make changes in diet, of course. Otherwise, you simply won't have time to burn incoming calories.

Balanced diet and exercise helped the girl gain a slim figure

Advice!Do not start your studies tomorrow or Monday, but today. The body that received a decent dose of endorphins - happiness hormones - perks up immediately, and your mood rises and the strength will appear for the further struggle.

Why is fat stored on the stomach?

Before taking any steps to combat belly fat deposits, you need to understand where they come from and what you need to do to get rid of this problem forever in the future. After all, excessive savings in this area are not only externally unattractive, but also fraught with the development of quite serious diseases.

Excessive congestion in the abdomen can be caused by:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • hormonal disorder, including an excess of cortisol (male hormone) - after all, the accumulation of fat in the abdomen is characteristic of the male figure;
  • lack of physical activity.

Getting a hormonal disorder is easy. It is enough to lead an "unjust" lifestyle, overeat and prevent the body from getting enough sleep. Then, after he remembers, he should be ridiculed for a few months with diets that restrict the most important foods for the body and thus only make the situation worse.

Doctors' admonitions that the only way to earn most illnesses from poor nutrition have not frightened us for a long time. The phrases that "overeating" and "eating at night" are harmful and that you need to adhere to a "balanced diet" are so well known that we simply no longer pay attention to them. A healthy lifestyle - a balanced diet and exercise - is the only way to restore not only your own figure, but also your health.

The girl strengthened the abdominal muscles thanks to exercises

Advice!Stop hearing promotional stories about magic pills, wondrous weight loss belts, and nutritional supplements. For a meaningful result, you should work on yourself and completely change your lifestyle. There are simply no other effective and, above all, safe means.

What is visceral fat and why is it dangerous?

Doctors classify body fat into three types:

  • subcutaneous;
  • intramuscular: the first two types are the least dangerous;
  • visceral, localized precisely in the abdominal region and envelops all internal organs, squeezes them and leads to serious changes; It is in this type of fat that "bad" cholesterol accumulates.

Fat in adequate amounts is necessary for the body. With their help, fat-soluble vitamins are absorbed. A small layer of fat collects all the harmful substances that come with food.

Subcutaneous and intramuscular fats are essentially energy stores. They protect the body from the cold and the internal organs from injury. With the visceral, everything is much more complicated. It is its accumulation that leads to the development of atherosclerosis, diseases of the internal organs, heart disease and diabetes. Doctors say that every extra inch at the waist costs a year of our lives.

Subcutaneous belly fat

Advice!It has been proven that fat burning takes place most intensively at night. So, if you want to lose weight, not only do you eat right, but get enough sleep.

10 exercises for beginners

Anyone who has been involved in sport for a long time has long since got their own exercises that are ideal for them. For beginners, we recommend the advice of fitness trainer Gay Gasper, who has developed simple but very effective exercises specifically for the abdominal muscles. However, we repeat - in order for the effect to be evident, it is necessary to conduct courses regularly.

Advice!You shouldn't strain the muscles right away for the first few seconds. Before you start exercising, be sure to warm up.

Easy twisting

To do this simple exercise, you need to lie down on the floor and bend your knees. At the same time, your feet should be completely on the ground. Hands go behind the head. The press is a little tense. When inhaling - this is important - we lift our shoulders off the floor, stay in this position twice (one, two) and then lower ourselves back to the floor as we exhale. Like all the following exercises, we repeat 10 times.

The chin should not be lowered during this exercise. Keep your elbows in line with your shoulders. It is necessary to work only with the press - the buttocks should be relaxed at this moment. In fact, all of the other exercises will be intricate variations of the first, studying the rest of the muscle groups.

After the first exercise, give the muscles a break - lying on your back, stretching your arms, inhaling and lowering.

Exercise side crunches for weight loss of the abdomen

If you feel tired while doing the exercises, don't give up. A perfect belly is not that easy to achieve.

Advice!If the exercise is still difficult for you, make it easier by doing it with your arms folded on your wrists. In the future, when the muscles are strengthened, you can run its full version.

Raise your legs

Now let's start working out the lower press. This exercise is also done while lying down. First, lift your legs, which are bent at a 90-degree angle. Hands are spread apart, palms pressed on the floor. Slowly we pull in the stomach, slightly lift the hips a few centimeters from the floor (the legs remain bent) and return to the starting position.

We'll rest a little, stretch, and go back to our classes. During this exercise, your back should not be torn off the floor. All of the work should be done by the abs. When you have mastered these movements completely in subsequent workouts, you make them more difficult by lifting your legs fully straight instead of bent.

Advice!Once you feel that your muscles are stronger, breaks and pauses between repetitions can be removed.

Twisting and lifting the legs

Let's combine the first and second exercise that we have already mastered. Lying on your back, as in the second exercise, bend your knees and spread your arms wide to your sides. We burden the press. In this position, we need to lift both the shoulders and buttocks off the floor.

The exhalation during the exercise occurs at the moment of greatest tension. Breathing is even. Do not pull your elbows forward. Break again and relax the muscles for 1–1. 5 minutes. We continue these exercises.

Exercise turning with a lunge to train the abdominal muscles

If you start training in a good mood, the training result will be better.

Advice!Exercising with someone is easier. Get the support of a friend or colleague and start working on your figure together. They can help each other with advice and share the results of achievements.

Page crunches

These movements help exercise the oblique muscles. The starting position is similar to the position in the first exercise. Lying on your back, slowly bend your knees. Press your feet on the floor. The hips are slightly apart. Hands behind the head. No need to attach them, just press them firmly to your head.

As we exhale, we gradually reach for the opposite knee with one shoulder and then the other. The other elbow stays on the floor and helps keep our balance. The buttocks do not come off the floor. Only the upper back is raised, the back at the waist remains firmly pressed on the floor. Don't lower your chin. Also 10 repetitions.

Advice!You can make the exercise easier if you do not put your hands behind your head, but simply reach with them to the opposite knee. A more difficult option is to raise and cross your legs.

Twisting with a lunge

Lying position. The feet are on the floor, the legs are bent at the knees. We keep our hands behind our heads. We take turns pulling one leg or the other to the chest, while lifting the back. The other leg is still bent at the knee to maintain balance and the foot is on the floor.

We are happy. Exhale as you bend, inhale as you return to the starting position. We don't break our breath. The same applies to the second leg. We do 5 movements for each leg.

Girls perform leg curls to effectively burn fat in the waist area

If you want to make the exercise easier, straighten your leg up. A more difficult option if you have both legs raised. Also, when the first leg is working, the second is unbent.

Advice!Every rep counts. Even if you are tired, force yourself to do the movement one last time.


Slightly modified movements that we know from physical education classes train the lateral muscles perfectly. Bend your legs so that your heels are closer to your buttocks. Hands behind your head, shoulders off the floor. First we straighten one leg so that the angle between it and the floor is 45 degrees. At the same time, we stretch one shoulder to the knee of the bent (opposite) leg.

We straighten the bent leg, bend the second and repeat the movements, but with the other shoulder. We repeat 10 times without breaks.

Advice!In order to achieve the best results, it is not the quantity but the quality of the exercises that is important. In order to fully strain the muscles, the movements must be carried out slowly and without haste.

Wiggle your socks

Quite a difficult exercise that puts maximum pressure on the press. Lie on your back with your hands behind your head and raise your legs at a 90-degree angle. At the same time the socks are pulled. We tear the upper back off the floor. We lower one leg and touch the floor with our toes. Then we bring it back to its original position and lower the other leg.

Abdominal slimming exercise with maximum stress on the abdominal muscles

When you inhale, your back is pressed to the ground. We stand up as we exhale. We don't lower our backs while doing the movements.

Advice!If these movements are difficult for you, try bending your legs first without lifting your shoulders off the floor. In the future, make the exercise more difficult by stretching your arms above your head.

Circular rotations

Exercise to work through the entire press. In the prone position, the knees are slightly bent, the feet are on the floor, the arms are behind the head. We tear off the shoulders from the floor and begin to turn the body five times in one direction or another without a break. Each time you have to do a full circle.

We're not pulling the pool off the floor. We keep our balance with our legs pressed to the ground. The exercise is carried out as slowly and clearly as possible. Exhale - rose. Inhale - went down.

Advice!Excessive overvoltage is not acceptable. This only leads to the fact that you get tired quickly and cannot complete the entire complex.

Back bend with knees bent

We're going to be pumping the muscles of the press and back. We kneel for this. Your elbows should be bent and resting on the floor. You can put a small pillow or a soft towel underneath.

We tear our knees off the floor and hold onto only our elbows and toes. The back is straight. Count to three and carefully return to the starting position.

A girl performs a plank with a leg raise

Advice!All exercises for the abdominal muscles can be performed by both women and men.

Raise the legs from the support position

Lie on your stomach. The arms are bent at the elbows. The toes of the straight legs rest on the floor. In this position, get off the floor and stretch yourself into a string so that each of your muscles is tense. The back shouldn't bend. Back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise again.

Advice!Never bend over - otherwise your stomach will begin to sag immediately. If you have weak back muscles, add some posture exercises to the set.

Aerobic exercise

With the help of the above exercises, you can significantly strengthen the abdominal muscles, get rid of the flabby abdomen and put the internal organs in order. However, if you have a serious weight problem, consider aerobic exercise - exercises that burn oxygen intensely. In fact, with his participation, the maximum amount of fat is consumed.

The twisting exercise helps strengthen your abs

So if you not only want to strengthen your muscles, but also want to get rid of the hated body fat in the shortest possible time, go walking, jogging, swimming, ice skating, volleyball, soccer, hockey or dancing. Coupled with proper nutrition, they will help you get rid of weight problems quickly.