Simple plan to lose 5 pounds in a week

Is that a joke or can you lose 5 kg in a week? Yes, it is actually possible! If you approach it wisely.

If you are looking for an effective way to lose 5 pounds in a week then you've come to the right place because this guide will show you how to do it without harming your health.

Whenever this happens, people tend to come up with all sorts of fasting and express diets.

However, there are times when it is imperative to lose a few extra pounds very quickly.

Whether it's a wedding, a prom, or a special occasion, losing a few pounds in a week will really make you feel better in your favorite dress.

This article has been specially created for women and girls who want to reduce their volume in a short period of time. Although the methods and methods for weight loss described here are quite universal and suitable for both sexes.

Fruit for weight loss by 5 kg per week

To lose this weight quickly, you need to make significant adjustments to your diet and daily routine.

You need to be on a diet with the right amount of calories, but at the same time providing your body with all the nutrients it needs to function properly.

For example, you may need to cut sugar from your diet, which means skipping snacks between meals to lose weight.

Is It Really Possible to Lose 5kg in a Week?

Before we go straight to the tutorial, let's clarify one thing that is constantly being overlooked by the various health blogs and thus causing misunderstandings among readers. Losing 5 pounds in just a week is real, but weight loss isn't all due to body fat. Therefore, to burn excess fat, you need to build a calorie deficit and increase your calorie consumption.

It is really impossible to lose 5 kilograms of all fat in a week without harming your health.

But don't worry, there is still a way to lose weight and look slim and fit at the same time.

This is mainly achieved by reducing the percentage of fat, of course, but do not forget that excess weight can be shed by drawing excess water away from the body. How does this happen?

A weight and volume loss diet will surely lower your blood insulin levels and force your body to get rid of stored water-binding carbohydrates.

When insulin levels drop, water stops being retained in the body, forcing the kidneys to excrete excess sodium.

Now that we've figured it out, let's finally get to the guide on how to lose 5kg at home in a week.

Eat fewer carbohydrates and more protein

Slimming products by 5 kg per week

By switching to a low-carb diet for a week, you can easily lose weight and improve the appearance of your body muscles.

Research shows that a low-carb diet is incredibly effective for weight loss. Any reduction in carbohydrate intake, even if only briefly, leads to dehydration of the body and the removal of excess water.

That's why people who choose to go on a low-carb diet usually see a difference the next morning when they step on the scales.

And if you eat mostly protein foods, you will reduce your appetite as you will feel full longer and your metabolism will speed up.

A diet that will help you achieve your desired goal

slim figure after losing 5 kg per week

Everyone has their own preferences for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Below are a variety of options for you to choose from which is right for you.


Option 1 - egg sandwich on a grain loaf

1 slice of sprouted grain bread + 1 boiled egg + 2 tomato slices

Option 2 - breakfast with oatmeal

1 cup of oat bran + 1 cup of no sweetened almond milk + 1/4 cup of blueberries

Option 3 - Veggie Super Smoothie (recommended)

Cut a medium-sized beetroot into pieces and place in the blender along with four carrots and ice cubes. You can also squeeze half a lemon in for flavor.


Option 1 - chicken with vegetables

60 grams of baked skinless chicken, diced + 1 slice of avocado + 1 bowl of lettuce and tomatoes

Option 2 - tuna tortilla

60 grams of tuna + 3 large kale leaves + a little olive oil + 1/2 onion chopped onion + gluten-free whole grain tortilla

Option 3 - spinach salad (recommended)

Take spinach, carrots, kale, and zucchini. Cut into slices and prepare a vegetable salad.


Option 1 - chicken salad

85 grams of boneless chicken + 2 cups of broccoli + 1 tablespoon of olive oil + 1/2 cup of cooked brown rice

Option 2 - lemon paste with asparagus and salmon

1/2 cup cooked brown rice + 60 grams of grilled salmon + 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, squeezed on top of the salmon + 1 chopped or chopped clove of garlic + 1 cup of freshly cut asparagus

Option 3 - boiled potatoes with salad (recommended)

2 medium potatoes + salad (combine canned cabbage, kale and lettuce)

Acceptable drinks

In addition to water, you can drink the following beverages:

  • Coffee with almond milk;
  • Green tea;
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice (highly recommended)
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice, just don't buy it in the store, squeeze it yourself and don't add any sugar, drink it as it is.

Okay, now I have a diet plan. What next?

the choice of the route and method to lose 5 kg per week

Now that you have an effective diet plan, there is one more thing to do besides a healthy diet and that is exercise.

Don't worry, this isn't as difficult as it may seem.

If for some reason you've never exercised regularly, there are always ways to burn calories without going to the gym.

You can start by replacing public transport with walking if you are not far, or using the stairs instead of the elevator.

Cycling, jogging or jogging is also a great exercise option. It's about starting the process of burning calories and speeding up the removal of fat from the body.

Remember, you only have seven days to lose 5 kilograms.

To do this, you need to show willpower these days and get as active as possible. Let's start with aerobic exercise and then move on to weight training to strengthen muscles.

When you start exercising, fat is used as energy, that is, burned, and the muscles become stronger and more prominent, your body starts to burn more calories while you sleep.

Regular exercise helps maintain optimal levels of oxygen in the blood, supplies body tissues with nutrients, and improves the cardiovascular system and blood circulation. Also, you can remove the lower abdomen and sides and improve muscle tone in general.

All of these things are very important to achieve your goal.

Note: If you take medication regularly, be sure to consult your doctor before starting any given diet or physical activity.

What about nutritional supplements?

When it comes to supplements, finding the best product can be difficult.

In fact, there are dietary supplements that can help reduce hunger while others are not beneficial.

One of the best diet supplements for weight loss is L-carnitine, which helps you burn more fat cells. But he works only in conditions of active physical activity. If your plan is to take it and just lie on the couch, then it is better not to waste your money.

The essence of this supplement can be described as follows: When exercising, the body consumes 1 fat cell without L-carnitine and thus 2 numbers are conditional for an example. But the essence of the process is just that.

And yet you should keep in mind that this is not magic powder, just an aid in your own endeavors.

If taken daily, after a diet and exercise, you are guaranteed to lose 5 kg in a week. This is a very powerful combination that will help you burn stored fat and prevent further storage.

High intensity training for quick results

Exercises to lose weight by 5 kg per week

Do you remember us talking about physical activity earlier?

It is no coincidence that we come back to the topic, because we want to lose up to 5 kilograms in just one week, and as safely as possible for our health.

Let's take a look at what we're already using:

  • An effective diet plan.
  • Natural food additives to speed up the processes.

What is missing?

And there isn't enough organized exercise program for this week. Yes, you can jog or even walk in the woods, but it is better if you do systematic strength training.

Every time you do a high-intensity workout or weight training, your body gets rid of excess carbohydrates and water.

Research has shown that 5 or 10 minutes of high-intensity exercise can be five times more effective than a series of regular exercises.

A few more important tips

  • Diet Sunday - Research shows that starting on Sunday has a higher chance of success than any other day. According to research, Tuesday is the worst day to go on a diet.
  • Keep the contents of your plate bright and colorful - if you find that your food is colorless and bland, you know what to do: above we have outlined a wonderful weekly diet of different vegetables.
  • Use a Large Fork to Eat Less: Researchers have found that a large fork draws your attention better to how much you're actually eating than a small one.
  • Don't watch cooking shows - the wide variety of delicious dishes cooked on TV can make your weight loss journey a whole lot more difficult. Try to remove as many distractions as possible.
  • Control the amount of starch in your diet - Eat a minimum of starchy foods such as grain bread, potatoes, and brown rice in the diet plan above. Avoid other types of carbohydrates on your table as these can boost your blood sugar levels and make you hungry.
  • Eat cereals to satisfy your morning hunger - bring a serving of oatmeal to work so you can nibble on it and avoid anything high in sugar.
  • Get something healthy to snack on - preferably with nuts, carrots, tomatoes and whole grain bread.
  • Keep almond milk in your refrigerator - just remember, you want to lose 5 pounds in a week so stay away from animal fats. Instead, drink almond milk without sweeteners when you feel acute hunger, especially at night.
  • Make sure you have protein with every meal - be it nuts, chicken, or tuna, protein is needed to burn fat and boost your metabolism.
  • Put a basket of washed fruits and vegetables in your kitchen to help you eat less. They are lower in calories and at the same time provide you with all the essential nutrients your body needs.
  • However, avoid high-sugar fruits like bananas, pineapples, and cherries. Choose less sweet fruits like kiwi, raspberries, cranberries, avocados, and olives.
  • Be ready to say no - whatever diet you are on (be it kefir or buckwheat), at some point you will be somehow tempted to indulge yourself with this cupcake. And yet, when you are offered all of these delicious things, just decline and say that you are now trying to lose 5 kilograms in 7 days. People respect those who have a goal and perseverance to achieve it.
  • When sharing your goals with family and friends, let your family and friends know that you feel responsible for what you say, as they expect you to keep your word. This will keep you from making bad decisions and will make you even stronger.
  • Don't let the past get in the way - if you've tried a weight loss plan in the past and it hasn't worked, don't let failure in your future put you off. Everyone makes mistakes, so forget about any plan or system that you have tried in the past. This time you can achieve anything if you use your mind, your heart and your strength for it.

frequently asked Questions

a girl who lost 5 kg in a week

Many readers and subscribers have asked questions about this diet. Below is a question and answer section designed to help you find the answer to the question that interests you.

Can alcohol be consumed during this diet?

No, completely avoid alcohol because it will prevent you from achieving your goal.

I feel dizzy and hungry before bed, what should I eat?

Eat fruits or vegetables. You'll feel full for the rest of the night without adding any calories at the same time. As mentioned earlier, try to avoid high-sugar fruits in favor of low-sugar fruits.

Others are getting results on this diet, why not do it?

Remember that everyone is in a different starting point, so it is important to understand that your physical condition naturally affects the results you will achieve. If you have any medical conditions, be sure to see your doctor before starting any weight loss.

I want to lose more than 10 pounds. Can I continue the plan beyond the end of the week?

Yes, the duration of the plan can be extended, but if you want to lose more weight it is best to do it for 2-3 weeks, then take a break, and then diet for another two weeks.

I'm already in the middle of the week and I'm not losing weight. What can I do?

Don't stopYou have to end the week. Everyone has a different metabolism, so results may vary.

Do not eat less food than the plan recommends as it will make the diet less effective. For some people, it takes a while for their bodies to get used to the changes and for the results to become apparent.

Can I replace rice with something?

Instead of rice, you can eat potatoes, buckwheat, or quinoa.

And now - down to business!

the use of greens for weight loss by 5 kg per week

Now that you know how to remove a few extra pounds quickly, it's time to start exercising and see the result.

You start an exciting journey. So your body and mind must be prepared for the trials and temptations you will encounter there.

For those who invest their mind, heart and will in something, nothing is impossible. Just start and you will be amazed at what you have achieved!