The 8 best exercises for weight loss

So far, debate about it, what sets is better: Cardio or strength training. Research Leslie Willis (Leslie H. Willis) and his colleagues from Duke University has shown to combine the exercises better.

Participants lost only Cardio Training more fat. But people, don't lost the Cardio Cardio workout, only weight, but increase muscle mass.

The advantage of combined training is confirmed and the research Sulin Ho (Suleen Ho) from the University Kertina in Australia. 12 weeks of combined training helped the test persons to reduce the weight and the amount of fat in the body more effectively than Cardio or strength training separately.

It turns out that for maximum effect, you need Cardio and strength exercises.

The first is more energy-intensive, but the second pumps the muscles and oxygen debt help to burn calories, not only during Training but also afterwards.

Exercises for losing weight

There are energy exercises to combined Training. First, you look at the options for the equipment: barbell, Kettlebell, ropes, medicine ball, and then you go to the exercises with its own weight, the burn fat.

Exercises with devices


This exercise is clearly invented in the world. First, you squat with a barbell on the chest, and then to stop, without doing jimboy obvertitur. Slowly impossible: you lose the speed and inertia and you need an additional undergrowth to slide the rod to the top. Therefore, the tracery are very intense and consume a sea of energy.

Tracery good hips and buttocks, shoulders and back straining. In the work, you engage your abdominal muscles.

You choose a weight, to 10 of the tracery, without having to stop, or better yet, turn them in the area of Training, and you will regret that you were born.

Double Shaft Rope

The research, Charles J. Fountaine of the University of Minnesota Duluth showed that the 10-minute workout with two ropes allows you to burn 111,5 kcal is about twice as large as when running. Study participants met the vertical shaft with both hands during 15 seconds, then 45 seconds recovery. And so 10 times.

During this exercise, well, the widest muscles of the back and the front of the Deltas charged, as the synergists, the back Deltas and trapezoid. Such an exercise not only helps to waste calories, but also good load on the entire torso. Also in the work quads and glutes, as well as the press and extensor muscles of the back are included to stabilize the housing.

Repeat the Experiment, Charles J. Fountaine and do 10 approaches for 15 seconds. To reduce if difficult, the working time up to 10 seconds. Also you can have a range of Training from different exercises with the rope, shown in the Video.

Throwing the Ball in the wall

Throwing the Ball in the wall tracery remember. First you go in the squat, then you need to straighten up, but instead of jimboy obvertitur throw the Ball into the wall. This exercise works quads and glutes, shoulders, back, trapezius, muscles of the bark.

Throw Ball must be scaled with high-intensity and load, reducing the weight of the ball and adjust the height to which you throw it.

Make 2-3 sets of 20-25 times or turn off the litters in the area of Training. For example, 30 seconds, place the Ball, and the residue for a Minute burpee, and so, as long as not even the whole city of 100 throws.

Kettlebell snatch

In January 2010, the American Council has published on exercise ACE is a study that shows how many calories you burn with a jerk Kettlebell.

The volunteers led six idiots for 15 seconds and then 15 seconds recovered. And so 20 minutes. Aerobic, the participants burned to 13.6 kcal per Minute and for anaerobic — to 6.6 kcal. It was 20.2 calories per Minute, and 404 kcal in 20 minutes turns out!

In addition to the increased calorie burning, Kettlebell snatch is useful for joints for leveling of the back and the legs, strengthening the hand and the gripping force. Exercise develops endurance and speed, the trains coordination.

In order to burn more calories, choose five exercises with weights and you do three rounds of 15 reps each with 30 second breaks between exercises.

Exercises with own weight

Jump rope

When jumping over the rope, the muscles of the legs, triceps and chest muscles work. The exercise can burn from 700 to 1 000 calories per hour of intensity. 20 minutes is equal to 45 minutes of jumping rope to waste of energy, the quiet run.

In contrast to running, jumping with less impact on the knee as you land on both legs. Is an additional Plus for people with obesity.

You can start your exercise with rope: jumps well help warm up the body for the following exercises. After articular warm-up, you provide to jump the Timer and 45 seconds in medium Tempo, and then 15 seconds in fast mode. You can relax for a Minute and repeat nine more times.

If you want to burn more calories, learn to double-jump. Here is a good scheme for the training:

  • two single jump, a double repeat 10 times;
  • two single, two double 10 times;
  • two singles, three doubles 10 times, and so on.

If you already know a double, you can taste the famous Benchmark Annie. First, about 50 double-jumps and sit make-UPS (from prone position), then to 40, 30, 20 and 10. And all of this on time and without breaks.

Also, you can diversify your workout by using different exercises with the jump rope.


High-intensity exercise with the burpee will burn from 8 to 14 kcal per Minute. That is, the burpee, you can burn 280 kcal in 20 minutes. Also, you can complicate the exercise by jumping on boxes, jumping fingerboard, chin-UPS, and other variations.

Here are a few options for Training:

  • Descending stairs burpee for a beginner. Run 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 burpee with a stay in a Minute between sets.
  • 100 burpee. Run the 100 burpee, Rest as needed.
  • Two minutes burpee (advanced). Set the Timer and do as many burpee two minutes. You don't pay attention to the fact that she suffered technique: touch the chest and hips to the ground, at the upper point to come out of the earth.

Exercise "Cliffhanger"

You take the attack lying down and alternately bend your knees, as if he wanted to get in front of the chest. "Cliffhanger" is fast, but the pelvis and the back.

The exercise pumps up good muscles and the press-hip flexors, and the intensity increases, the calories consumption is on the rise. Depending on the weight you can spend 8 to 12 kcal per Minute.

Of course you can to this "Cliffhanger" 10-20 minutes in a row. Instead, they combine it with other exercises in the interval Training. For example, 20 jumps, "Cliffhanger", 10 PUSH-UPS (with knees), 20 jumps, "Jumping Jack", air 15 squats. Perform 3-5 rounds, the rest between the circles — 30 seconds.

You can also break Cliffhanger" about Tabata: 20 seconds of active execution, do ", 10 seconds. Number of rounds — for the well-being.

Squats with jumps

Squats without weights and dumbbells, hardly as effective exercise. Another thing — squats with jumps. In this exercise, you will go bend the knee, to the top and rise up jump out of the car. By this exercise is much more intense, and you will spend more calories.

Perform three sets of 20 to 30 times. And Yes, you don't have to jump very long before you are well, download the muscles of the legs.

How to perform the exercises without any equipment

An exercise with own weight helped to lose weight, it should be intense and take a long time. Simply put, if you have 20 sit-UPS, and then five minutes rest, to strengthen you, of course, the muscles, but many don't burn calories.

Therefore, perform the exercise with high intensity, and, better still, use this in your interval Training with a certain number of rest between sets — from 10 seconds up to a Minute. So you save on the high heart rate during the whole workout and burn more calories.

In addition, keep in mind that no exercise will help you not to lose weight, if you do not check your diet. You combine the exercises with a diet, and you will very soon see the first results.