Top 5 of the most effective diets for weight loss

With the boomerang effect many women know. In 80% of cases, weight back discarded, often fishing with an extra kilogram, which is very uncomfortable, painful, lead to Stress and prolonged depression. Therefore, a valid, secure, and reliable way it is important. Effective diet for weight loss not only help you to lose weight, but keep the results to improve in the ideal case, your health. Which one should you choose, and each of us must determine for themselves.

Weight reduction

Effective diet that does not mean quick

Quickly all women want to lose weight, but few people think about the consequences. There is a diet where the pounds just will not go away"", but also "run away". The person loses weight, the volume, but the body is no time for major changes. As a result, undermine the health, if a larger initial velocity of the mass can occur, the displacement of the internal organs. The most effective diet for weight loss – it is a method that helps to lose weight without harm for health.

To lose common mistakes weight people:

  1. The reduction in calories on the critical indicators. The body of the woman function not fully operational at the time of intake of 600-800 kcal a day. The minimum quantity is 1200 kcal. Yes, the weight rapidly decreases, but to be expected in the case of Mangold of energy in a short period of time of Stagnation, begins to work the body in the energy saving mode.
  2. The Exception Fat. You have a head of cabbage, or drink low-fat yogurt. Weight, but along with it hair begins to fail, mad nails, problems with skin, crash of the female cycle. The minimum amount of fat per day - 22 G.
  3. Waiver of tasty food. A complete restriction of favourite dishes leads to a nervous breakdown. If it is possible, go to the diet until the end, then it will be difficult to resist. Eating habits need to change and from the licensed products, to prepare delicious dishes.

Many interferes with the moral agony. The most effective diet slimming even a little. In the case of women in a bad mood, headache, and weakness. Not diet perceive as a tragedy or deprivation. May it be a joyous way to slimness and figure dreams, easily and coveted.

Diet Kim Protasov, or Potasovka

It is an effective and for years, best diets, which not only allows you to lose weight, but also has a lot of advantages of using. According to "Potasovki" simply go to the correct nutrition, the weight continue to fall, to exchange views on food and taste. On this System a lot of raw food, which leads to a cleaning of the intestine, improves the condition of the skin, the water from the body.

The essence of the diet Kim Protasov:

  1. The first 2 weeks, used daily, 1400 G of raw, 3 green apples, 1 egg, and 600 G of dairy products, close to the 5% fat.
  2. 3 to 5 times a week instead of 300 G of milk products in the same amount of meat, poultry, fish, or sea used fruit. Selected gentle preparation without oil.
  3. During the diet, you drink at least 2 litres of water, which enhances the effect of vegetable fiber, promote the cleaning of the organism, to reduce weight.
  4. Potasovka lasts for 5 weeks, but nutritionists do recommend "output", on the duration of the diet is the same. Every week new products: cereals, soups, dried fruits, cooked Can. In these 5 weeks losing weight.

In just a few diet 5 to 15 kg can be set. it All depends on the original data. Very well, the volumes go. It is not the technique to use more than 1 time in 6 months, it is better to make annual break to the body time to recover.

Contraindications: Gastro-Intestinal Disorders, Pregnancy, Lactation.

Interesting: Kim Protasov is a deck name, and this nutritionist is not available. This Pseudonym, the Journalist from a magazine in the 90s of the last century, and the previously released popular method

Diet for the lazy

This is the effective, safe, diet, which has become popular recently. The fact that you do not drink after the meal, many people. The liquid dilutes the gastric juice, inhibits digestion, inhibits the Absorption of nutrients. Why not take advantage of this information! With the right approach to the use of liquids, the weight will quickly go away, without the expense and harm to the body.

The essence of the diet go back for the lazy people:

  1. All of the water before eating drinking. 20 minutes before the main meal and immediately after waking up necessarily used 400 ml of liquid.
  2. After the meal, according to the rules you can't drink for 2 hours, or for at least an hour, when light meals were. During this time, you should digest.
  3. For effective weight loss is desirable, high-calorie, oily, sweet food and do not eat 3 hours before bedtime.

The Trick is not only in the accelerated digestion of food. Water fills the stomach, the reduced portions involuntarily, what is the daily calorie content. Also, it is impossible, the consumption of salty, sweet foods, because you can 2 hours without a drink, it will be difficult. On the diet, forget about the Cup of coffee with sweets or pastries. In addition, it will be possible to eat first rules after a certain period of time.

Buckwheat Diet

Another is the most effective diet that can regulate itself, but, taking into account the basic rules. The Basis of the diet – buckwheat-porridge, cooked in water without salt or with a minimum amount. The main product available, helpful, promotes cleansing of the body is well saturated, suppresses feelings of hunger. But you choose this System only to the people, the wheat really in love with the book.

The essence of buckwheat diet and types:

Girls on a diet
  1. The System in 1-3 days. In fact, it is discharged to a diet. During the entire time of the mash without salt. The body gets rid of the excess fluid, reduces the volume, cleanses the intestines, normalizes chair.
  2. Weeks Diet. The possibilities are many and varied. The buckwheat add green apples, Kefir, fresh Can. with a low starch content This System is easier to digest.
  3. Diet buckwheat to 14 days. In addition to cleaning and output of excess fluid, in this System, the amount of fat decreases in the body. To be added to the porridge products, and apples Can be along with milk, in some embodiments chicken breast occurs.

Weight loss depends on the duration of the chosen methodology. For 1 to 3 days, get rid of excess fat will not work, only the water, but it is a good Start for losing weight, or the review may be suitable, whether or not the System. To lose 2 weeks easy to 4-7 kg. In the case of the qualified return to a normal diet do not come back to me.

Contraindications: pregnancy, diseases of the digestive tract, vitamin deficiency, intolerance of the main product.

Dukan Diet

To relieve one of the most popular Protein diets, which helps in a short time tremendous amount of weight. This System is suitable only absolutely healthy people, who are willing to follow all rules and not deviate from the rules. The methodology is based on biochemical processes in the body. Any small injury can decrease the effectiveness of hinder, hurt.

Only in the System of 4 levels with clearly defined order and duration. All the calculations can be found on the official Website. Essential ingredient of the nutrition during the diet is oat bran. With the second Phase, you can add wheat and rye fibre, but according to the permissible standards.

The essence of the phases of the Dukan diet:

  1. Attack. A short Phase of up to 7 days away, will be calculated individually. The basis of the diet 72 Protein product. This Phase is for the loss of liquid and increasing Motivation of the employees, may be overweight the way up to 3-5 kg.
  2. Striping. The most important Phase of the diet, on the fat burning. The proteins are added to 28 kinds of Can without starch in the composition, alternate the days. The duration of this period can range from a few weeks to a year or even more before obtaining the desired weight.
  3. Pin. Added to the main diet to bread, fruit, cheese. This period allows for the transition to a normal diet. The duration is determined by the formula: 10 days on 1 kg of weight.
  4. The Stabilization. A day in the week – Protein Thursday. Diet the first Phase observed. In addition, the bran can be used daily.

During the entire duration of the diet vitamins need to drink. Sugar exchange substances with natural or synthetic preservatives are allowed. Not, there are no fruits, all milk products, low-fat, such as meat should. It is one of the few diets that allows for sausages to be eaten, crab sticks, canned food, but all of the products diet must meet requirement, not as a part of the forbidden spices, sugar, and fat content of a certain threshold value is exceeded.

Important! In the diet, many of the subtleties and nuances of the System, a careful study requires. Pierre Ducane strongly recommends that you read his book, which is clear. Also with the System can be acquainted on the official Website.

Contra-indications: all chronic diseases of the organs and systems, periods of pregnancy and lactation, lactose intolerance, hormonal disorders, children and the aged. This diet requires mandatory consultation with a physician.

Kefir Diet

This diet helps weight very quickly accused of, it will be a lot of famous people. In just a week's time, you can of 5 kg. But there are also various other options of different maturities. You can always "food to try", by fasting day Kefir.

The essence of Kefir diet:

  1. The Basis of the diet – yoghurt, lowest or average fat content, but not more than 2%. To consume In the day 1 to 2 liters.
  2. Power fraction, not even a drink 0.5 liters of milk products, preferably drink a glass every 2-2,5 hours.
  3. It is important to drink water, as Kefir is a diuretic, leads to excess fluid, whose reserves need to be replaced.

In addition to the classic Kefir diet, there are also other variants with the addition of apples, cottage cheese, buckwheat, or various fruits. They all have their own rules, depending on the duration. Durable systems include in the diet more products as a brief summary of methodology up to 5-7 days.

The necessity of water to drink on a diet

Contraindications: hyperacidity of the stomach, and all diseases of the digestive system, rickets, rheumatism, gout, intolerance of yogurt, children's age, pregnancy and lactation.

When there is a change of diet in the direction of a healthy diet, increasing consumption of foods rich in long, complex) carbohydrates, plant fibers, nuts, seeds (you may receive the complaints of the digestive tract: bloating (flatulence). This is due to the fact that grains, legumes, Can be the basis of a healthy diet — rich in trudnosmyvaemye oligosaccharides. It is Alpha that contains a-galactosidase, an enzyme riving complex carbohydrates to the lungs for the absorption of the monosaccharides. The dosage depends on the amount of food consumed, resulting in easy digestion normalize, such as during the food, and especially eating.

Secrets a light diet

Any diet is easier to be transported and more interesting, if you find your approach. The key to success – the careful study of the rules and menus. Of great importance is the Motivation. If the seduction diet-not-disturb is really strong, the feeling of Hunger down again, Kilos to go quickly, easily, and permanently.

Helper and secrets:

  1. Water. Hunger Drinking Water. Many people have heard it, but the units they use. Exactly the liquid helps to cope with Hunger, accelerates and facilitates weight loss.
  2. Vitamins. They are not only for the preservation of beauty and health, but also the elimination of hunger. If something is missing in the body, he will ask for food.
  3. Movement. It is a simple way to get rid of the feelings of Hunger or eat something forbidden. The first time you wish to "sin" one must not make knee-bends less than 50 times. Or 5 minutes jump on the rope.

A necessary stage in any program of weight loss nutritionists believe that the cleaning of the adsorbents. He is actively absorbed only in the harmful waste products and toxins, in cover and abundance in the blood during the cleavage of body fat. Exactly these toxins provoke characteristic for diet nausea, unpleasant taste in the mouth, disorders of the chair, dullness of the skin, the blemish will look on your pimples and skin. This sorbent fills the stomach, creating a feeling of satiety, absorbing excess stomach acid and enzymes, the irritant effect on the stomach wall so as to be averted. Approved it courses to receive long-term, in contrast to other sorbents.

The path to harmony can be heavy or light. The man himself determines his path, much depends on us.